Lionsgate’s “Power” Casting


Female, 30s, Black. A Jamerican transplant from Miami to Chicago. Gloria is a former Marine who owns and operates her own bar in Chicago. She’s passionate and beholden to no man. Out of the small kitchen in the back, Gloria pumps out Michelin-level, Jamaican inspired dishes. The only problem is that her clientele is a revolving door of Polish mobsters, as Gloria’s insurmountable debt on the bar is held by the head of the Polish Mob, KACPER MARKOWSKI. This doesn’t stop Gloria’s hustle and dream of one day getting out from under them and owning her own spot. Currently on a break with WYKTOR MARKOWSKI, heir apparent to the Chicago outfit, Gloria’s attraction to Tommy is fast and fearless. When he decides to stay in town, she finds herself atop an explosive love triangle between Tommy and Wyktor.

Applicants must also be comfortable with On-Screen Nudity, and depicting Simulated Sexual Situations.