WU-TANG: AN AMERICAN SAGA, EP. #201, “LITTLE GHETTO BOYS” Episodic Imagine Television Studios/Hulu Union Status: SAG-AFTRA



Male, white, 40s, a “well-groomed, bearded Italian man dressed in a nice grey suit, carrying a fancy briefcase,” Dominick Olivito is reputed to be “the best defense lawyer this side of the Ohio river.” He is willing to meet with Bobby who has landed in prison for shooting a man, clearly not encouraged by the young man’s history. However, impressed by Bobby’s mother and pleased by Bobby’s taste in music, he capitalizes on Bobby’s performing skills, reminding him that a courtroom is just another venue…GUEST STAR

I am such a fan of these legendary artists!

Please send me pictures and I’m giving a 5% finders fee off the gross comp


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