"Beauty Is Power" Jonathan Baram

Music Video Casting Actress

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Female / Principal / Ethnically Ambiguous / 26 – 33 Description Looking for gorgeous model that can act well. Expressive with their eyes and has the Vibe of Sade. Sensual and earthy. Has a charm and magnetism about her. Please submit acting reel. Looking for 26 or older. Not too young. She has seen the world and owns it with her whole being. She’s comfortable in her own skin. Requested Media Instructions Please submit acting reel

$2000/10 + 20% 

send pics jonathan@warrenandbaram.com


"Beauty Is Power" Jonathan Baram

Major Foot Wear Casting

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Major Foot wear Campaign ( they’re not telling us who it is yet)
Money is also very negotiable

All genders, all ethnicities, all body shapes and sizes welcome. PLEASE NOTE SOCIAL HANDLES + NUMBERS ON SUBMISSIONS! This is an inclusive project looking for diverse, fun, awesome influencers for a campaign celebrating unapologetic individuality and STYLE! We’re not just looking for models, we’re looking for artists, creators, activists, and anyone in between. We’re looking for BOLD, UNIQUE and FREE SPIRITS! Rate day rate : $1, 000/ 8hrs + 20% AF = $1,200 + usage: $3,150 + 20% AF = $3,780 –> total $4, 980

Shoot Dates01/13/2021 – 01/17/2021Shoot Note* talent will shoot ONE day in the range


send pictures to jonathan@warrenandbaram.com

"Beauty Is Power" Jonathan Baram

Coke Campaign Casting

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Female / Principal / All Ethnicities / 18 – 30 Description Legal 18 – 30, cool, quirky, interesting.

SESSION: We intend to book this performer at $500. 00 USD + 20% Agent Fee, if applicable, ( based on a 12- hour session) , with all rights included. Each additional 1⁄2 hr incurred beyond the initial 12hr session will be paid at a rate of $21. 00 USD.

USAGE FEE: If, and only if, the model appears in the final Materials, as defined below, they will receive a Usage Fee of $3, 000. 00 USD + 20% Agent Fee. Usage Fee is inclusive of entire library of images.

Materials: All materials captured during shoot day( s)

Media: All media excluding broadcast ( including, but not limited to: OOH, digital, social, shopper, Internet) Term: One ( 1) year from first authorized public use date.

Territory: North America ( including US, Mexico, and Canada, and all their respective territories, possessions, and commonwealths) for OOH. Worldwide for all other Media.

Exclusivity: All soft drinks.

Perpetual, worldwide, non- exclusive rights for non- paid internal, PR and archival use for Agency and Client ( including, but not limited to archival and historical uses, behind the scenes, sales presentations, recruiting content, press and public relations materials, award submissions, social media channels featuring Materials posted during the term, and the World of Coca- Cola Museum, etc. ) are also included.

Option Term: Upon the completion of the initial term, at the sole discretion of Agency and Client, the usage may be renewed for a second term at 110% of the original Usage Fee


send pictures too info@warrenandbaram.com

"Beauty Is Power" Jonathan Baram

Lionsgate’s “Black Mafia Family” Casting

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KATO  20-30 Yrs , female, Black, she’s a “Southern belle with grit,” one of Meech and Terry’s “corner gang” who sells drugs for the brothers on a regular basis. She gets into trouble with Terry when she discounts their product, arguing that they’re not making sales anymore because their crack has gotten too expensive…SERIES REGULAR  ?- POSSIBLE NUDITY AND SEXUAL SITUATIONS.

MONIQUE  20-30 Yrs Black, she’s a sultry, sexy woman who is having a torrid affair with Meech. What he doesn’t yet realize is that she is the girlfriend of Lamar, and the mother of his young daughter. And when Lamar sees Meech leaving Monigue’s house after a tryst, it spells trouble for Meech…RECURRING ROLE – POSSIBLE NUDITY AND SEXUAL SITUATIONS.

NICOLE FLENORY 18-21 Yrs Black, she’s Meech and Terry’s little sister, a bright, smart girl with a smart mouth who thinks it’s unfair that she’s reprimanded by their mother for language that her older brothers get away with…RECURRING ROLE 

Storyline: This is the true tale of the rise of the Black Mafia Family, one of the most successful and notorious drug operations in the country, the brainchild of brothers TERRY FLENORY and his older brother MEECH — two poor young Black siblings from Southwest Detroit whose shared goal in life is to “S.T.O.” — See it, Touch It.  Obtain It.  That visualization leads them to extraordinary wealth — and extraordinary danger — as they navigate the perils of the emerging 1980s crack trade…

"Beauty Is Power" Jonathan Baram

Lionsgate’s “Power” Casting

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Female, 30s, Black. A Jamerican transplant from Miami to Chicago. Gloria is a former Marine who owns and operates her own bar in Chicago. She’s passionate and beholden to no man. Out of the small kitchen in the back, Gloria pumps out Michelin-level, Jamaican inspired dishes. The only problem is that her clientele is a revolving door of Polish mobsters, as Gloria’s insurmountable debt on the bar is held by the head of the Polish Mob, KACPER MARKOWSKI. This doesn’t stop Gloria’s hustle and dream of one day getting out from under them and owning her own spot. Currently on a break with WYKTOR MARKOWSKI, heir apparent to the Chicago outfit, Gloria’s attraction to Tommy is fast and fearless. When he decides to stay in town, she finds herself atop an explosive love triangle between Tommy and Wyktor.

Applicants must also be comfortable with On-Screen Nudity, and depicting Simulated Sexual Situations.