Lionsgate’s “Black Mafia Family” Casting

KATO  20-30 Yrs , female, Black, she’s a “Southern belle with grit,” one of Meech and Terry’s “corner gang” who sells drugs for the brothers on a regular basis. She gets into trouble with Terry when she discounts their product, arguing that they’re not making sales anymore because their crack has gotten too expensive…SERIES REGULAR  ?- POSSIBLE NUDITY AND SEXUAL […]

Lionsgate’s “Power” Casting

GLORIA RODGERS] SERIES REGULAR (ALL SHOWS PRODUCED) Female, 30s, Black. A Jamerican transplant from Miami to Chicago. Gloria is a former Marine who owns and operates her own bar in Chicago. She’s passionate and beholden to no man. Out of the small kitchen in the back, Gloria pumps out Michelin-level, Jamaican inspired dishes. The only problem is that her clientele is […]