Starbucks Casting

Female / Principal / African American, East Indian, Latinx, Middle Eastern, Ethnically Ambiguous, Native American, Pacific Islander / 22 – 30 Description Ethnically Ambiguous or Multi-Ethnic. Modern, interesting in her looks and extremely attractive in her own unique way. Great skin, great hands … this is all shot in very tight closeup Great skin, great hands … this is all shot in very tight closeups (hands and face) as she savors and sips the Starbucks. We relate to her very real, visceral emotional response to its quality, flavor and pleasure. She has a soulful vibrant energy … p.s. she will be drinking A LOT of hot black coffee on this shoot; so let’s make sure she’s an avid coffee drinker with no allergy, intolerance, sensitivity to, dislike of, etc. The last thing we need in closeup are the rashes/blotches, nausea, jitters or other negative reactions some people just have when consuming coffee and/or caffeine. Wardrobe Have a cup ready (a clear one ideally) with something yummy to you personally in there … ideally coffee. Have a 2nd cup (a clear one ideally) ready though with nothing in it. We will see what works best! We need a very tight close up of your face and a very tight closeup of your hands. Make sure that your camera and lighting are set to facilitate that. A neutral colored background is best for this one. Remove any jewelry. Please send headshot and resume to