1920’s Hollywood Feature Film Casting


1920’s HOLLYWOOD FILM (New BG Roles)

Feature Film

Union Status: SAG-AFTRA

Start Date: 07/19/2021, 07/20/2021, 07/21/2021, 07/22/2021, 07/23/2021, 06/24/2021, 07/25/2021, 07/26/2021, 07/2

Rate of Pay: SAG

Location: Los Angeles, CA


18 to 50 years old, all ethnicities female with SHORT BOB hairstyles or CURLY/FRIZZY hair, SHORT HAIR, CHIN LENGTH hair, SHOULDER length hair. size 0-14. No botox, fillers or plastic surgery please, no artificial looking hair colors or tattoos

Please send pics and resume to jonathan@warrenandbaram.com

Hair Style Examples