Casting : STARSHIP GEMINI Episodic Union Status: SAG-AFTRA New Media Starship Gemini is to be the flagship original show for SciMax TV a new SciFi and Fantasy streaming service

Logline: After exploring a classified Martian crash site of a symbol-laden spacecraft, former Air Force officer Krystyn Kearns and crew are launched on a mind-altering odyssey to decode messages threatening life as we know it. Role of Krystyn Playable age mid-twenties to mid-thirties, fit, attractive, all ethnicities. Krystyn has been honorably discharged from a special task force no longer around. […]

Casting !! MADE GUYS Feature Film SAG-AFTRA Basic Agreement CAST: Mickey Rourke

[ RICHIE ] 33 to 40 years old, all ethnicities male. The likable bartender that has a funny bone. Can be dry or a bit more expressive…STRONG SUPPORTING RATE: Negotiable. Only submit recognizable names [ ERIKA ] 21 to 30 years old, all ethnicities female. Absolutely stunning waitress. Erika is the love interest…SUPPORTING RATE: Negotiable. Only submit recognizable names. [ JONESY ] 60 to 75 years […]