Casting : STARSHIP GEMINI Episodic Union Status: SAG-AFTRA New Media Starship Gemini is to be the flagship original show for SciMax TV a new SciFi and Fantasy streaming service

Logline: After exploring a classified Martian crash site of a symbol-laden spacecraft, former Air Force officer Krystyn Kearns and crew are launched on a mind-altering odyssey to decode messages threatening life as we know it.

Role of Krystyn
Playable age mid-twenties to mid-thirties, fit, attractive, all ethnicities. Krystyn has been honorably discharged from a special task force no longer around. Krystyn is a rare breed as a world class hacker, and a world class fighter; excelling at close combat. With a few science degrees to her name, she is perhaps the deadliest woman on the planet. While hacking the Pentagon looking for answers, she discovers footage and information of a discovery of an alien ship buried on Mars

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