Liar Lisa Diane Haba and Inept Gregy Gutzler actually thought MTV produced a tv series about sex trafficking automobiles !!

Liar Lisa Diane Haba and Greg Gutzler should go back to law school and learn how to properly investigate an individual. It’s important to be up on current events including the music industry and the youth of today. Case in point is when Lisa actually thought I called myself an illegal pimp when in reality it’s called hip-hop vernacular where the meaning could be opposite in the same language. What an absurd notion that someone would even announce their illegal sex operation. Essentially it’s a language inside a language. Pimp is a positive term meeting someone who came from the bottom all the way to the top enjoying the finer things of life like I do.
“Legitimate Pimp” had absolutely nothing to do with the sex trade but all to do with my rise from the bottom to the top and my limp in my walk and my rhyme in my talk.” Bentley Baram “Church”