“ABUSE OF PROCESS” and much more ! Lisa Diane haba lied to the judge when she said the press release was only released once.

When the judge asked Liar Lisa Diane Haba how many times the press release was released , Liar Haba made a large pause and said “once” with a change of tone in her voice. Liar Lisa Diane Haba and others conspired to do a mass campaign and release the press release with no ethics or care in the world. The judge ruled the contents of the press release acceptable but not the distribution of it. That has not been determined. It is atrocious and desperate behavior for attorneys to do an email dumping of a press release in that massive nature & severe abusive of process and defamation of character. The list goes on and on. The most crucial part is the press release was released before Baram was legally served and made aware of the lawsuit. This could result in the loss of an attorney’s license and career.