The reason why I call Lisa Haba, Dicello Levitt & conspirators “inept” is because

Stop Chasing Lisa !
Bad actors Lisa Haba & Gregy Gutzler of Dicello Levitt poorly written complaint accusation date conflicts with the bull shit press release. How could 20 attorneys and 2 law firms make this kind of INEPT error? It’s a public record that Liar Lisa Haba admitted to the error on the telephone with the judge. Stop desperately chasing Franky, Liar Lisa and evil Gregy. It’s not becoming of you.

Due to the fact that Lisa Haba & Gregy Gutzler Of Dicello Levitt are so out of touch with the music Hip-Hop industry they pinned their whole case against me pertaining to a Hip-Hop Vernacular “Pimp” caption failing miserably. I gave them a empty shell default judgment so they can waste more time and money. Warren & Baram Management does not operate under a Limited Liability Corporation.

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