Giulini Wever (pronounced ‘jiew-lean-e’) is even more than a triple threat female in the industry; she is all about empowerment. This actress and model is also a certified modelFIT fitness guru whose clients range from celebrities to supermodels. You may recognize Giulini for playing the lead nemesis against Nicki Minaj in the ‘Your Love’ music video, where she demonstrated her martial arts skills alongside actor Michael Jay White.

Giulini was born in the tropical sunny islands of Curacao, N.A.. Raised in a multi-cultural background, she speaks fluent Spanish, Dutch, English, and her native dialect, Papiamento. She was a devoted swimmer and volleyball player in her early years and started training at the age of five in the martial arts. She was taught by her father, Grand Master Dr. Andy Wever (Ph.D./Ma.D.Sc.), a certified 8th degree black belt in tae-kwon-do. Since then, Giulini has mastered judo, jujutsu, karate, kickboxing, and kung fu in addition to her certification in tae-kwon-do. After earning her black belt at the age of 9, Giulini has continued to pursue her passion in martial arts, and currently holds a 2nd degree black belt.

From high school to present day, Giulini has not taken any short cuts. At a young age, she found her niche. It was to act, entertain, and perform using her natural talent. Giulini took her destiny into her own hands after winning a superstar search for best actress at the age of 17. Giulini was extremely active in her high school’s performing arts program, from choir, to musical theater, to dramatic arts; she discovered her talent.

In order to hone in her professional skills in front of the camera, Giulini entered the TV department at William Paterson University on a full scholarship. Within the year, she landed a highly coveted position as the host of Jammin’ TV, a network music show, for which she received the award for best TV Host for the WPBN network.

Giulini’s bachelor degree in journalism and high honors led her to an internship at Film and Music Entertainment in California, owned by academy award winner director/producer John Daly. There, she worked with the Director of Marketing and Operations of Film and Music Entertainment, and learned the ins and outs of the process that is involved with distributing independent feature films as well as the making of films.

Since than she has been able to build-up an empowering portfolio of achievements that include: national print ads, campaigns, fashion runway shows, magazinegiulini-poloro2b covers and graced the pages of Muscle & Fitness, Fighters Magazine, Maxim, MensFitness, Marie Claire, Connection Magazine, Bonita Magazine &Travel Magazine. She also landed several National TV commercials, television series and movies. Besides her feature in Nicki’s video, Giulini has also worked alongside Britney Spears, The wanted, Kanye West, Drake, David Guetta, Lenny Kravitz, Jamie Foxx, Drake, Dr. Dre, Ryan Leslie, Akon, De La Ghetto, Juelz Santana, and The Dream, just to name a few.

Friends would describe Giulini as charismatic, compassionate, ambitious, goofy, an athletic tomboy, yet girlie girl, hygienic freak, and family oriented. She quotes “my dream is to inspire the world through my role performances, becoming an empowering television mogul while my creative natures into humanitarian causes to create a positive & impactful difference in the world. I’m a creative business women and branding my vision into merchandises worldwide would be amazing!”.

Aside from performing, training, and teaching, Giulini enjoys creating and designing her own swimsuits and is in the works of launching her own collection. She is also creating new tv shows concepts to produce as well as launching her own “Fearless Beauty” quote book series to empower women to embrace there inner beauty. With a passion for animals she is an active animal activist and an owner of a pit-bull name Gsparx. Her mission is to become the next pit-bull advocate to fight discrimination and abuse against the breed. She plans to raise funds to build a luxury no-kill animal shelter for neglected abused animals in hopes to put an end to animal cruelty.

giulini-poloro3bIn her spare time, she loves cooking healthy vegetarian dishes, enjoys writing, reading, hiking, traveling, attending charity functions and spending quality time with her loved ones and her favorite little Chihuahuas, Tiki and Rambo.

“Embrace your inner beauty and it will shine on the outside. Master your craft by visualizing, creating, practicing, producing and inspiring; take charge of your dreams” Dedicate: when you believe, you can achieve.”

-Giulini Wever

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