Suelyn Mederios

May 14, 1986 in New York City an ambitious sweet exotic beauty named Suelyn Medeiros daughter of Brazilian parents was born.

Living most of her life in and out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, she returned to the U.S to follow her big dream of becoming a doctor. Despite all the advice from friends and strangers that she should not put to waist her spontaneous personality and unique beauty and should become a Model. Suelyn not seeing modeling as a potential career continued to go after her dreams. Suelyn was invited by a friend to participate in a fashion show at fashion week in NYC and there she was scouted by an agency. She began to do photo shoots and book countless jobs.

Soon modeling was no longer seen as a hobby it became a career option. Suelyn was intrigued by the charming magical world of fashion.

No longer ignoring her possible star quality with her drive, and strive to succeed in something that became a new challenge Suelyn worked hard and in a little less than two years she has been on covers, various magazine spreads, swimwear catalogs, lingerie catalogs, clothing and beauty ad campaigns with the most recent L’Oreal Ad.

Her interest in acting has landed her in Music videos, Commercials, TV Shows and two movies on the works. This is just her beginning and there is no stopping her.

Searching Bobby D. / Featured / Paul Borghese / Neighborhood Film Works
Super Ex Girlfriend / Featured / s Rittman
Alphabet City / Featured / (Fanatic) Film Works
I Think I Love My Wife / Featured / Chris Rock

TV Shows
“Law & Order ’’ Featured / Law & Order Convicted
“Love Monkey ’’ Featured / CBS / Paramount Network
“Boom Latino” Host / Boom Latino TV Show
“007 Commercial” Featured / Spike Tv 007 Movie Commercial

Music Videos
“Conceited ’’ Featured / Remy Martin Music Video/ Bet
“Los Infieles” Featured / Aventura Music Video
“That’s that” Featured / Snoop dog / Art Kelly Music Video
“I’m a Flirt” Featured / R Kelly Music Video Dir. Benny Boom
“Wall to Wall” Featured / Chris Brown Music Video Dir. Eric White
“Let it Go” Featured / Keisha Cole Music Video
“Humpde Bump” Featured / Red Hot Chili Peppers Music Video

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