Korrina Rico is an Actress-Model from California. You may recognize her from the big screen and her blockbuster debut 20th century fox film, “In Time” where she played opposite Justin Timberlake. You also may have seen her on the hit celebrity gossip tv show TMZ. She has since then played opposite Jason Bateman, Jason Sudekis & Charlie Day in Horrible Bosses 2 set to hit theaters November 2014. Korrina also recently played opposite funny man Kevin Hart in a Lionsgate picture “School Dance” just released in theaters. She also has done several Indie films with leading roles such as “Abstraction” also featuring Eric Roberts. Korrina has been nominated three times for “Best actress” for her lead role in Abstraction, and looks forward to more action packed thrillers in the future to showcase her martial arts and athletic skills. You may just spot her in Fashion- beauty magazines & billboards, Keep an eye out for her latest Modeling campaigns. Korrina is also in studio recording her first single. You can catch up with her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates and behind the scenes photos of her lastest work. For more details on what she has been in you can view on IMDB.com

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